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Hi! I’m Ivy ‪🌿 ***please read!***

I’ve been naked online since I was 18 and love having this space to create my own content and interact personally with you! I really love being in charge of what I make and it allows me to be the most comfortable.. which means I get to be creative and genuinely enjoy what I film and I think it shows ♡(>ᴗ•)

My Onlyfans has:

- Nudity + Explicit content ‪♡‬
- Free NEW full length video every month ‪♡‬
- Posts every. single. day. ‪♡‬
- BG, Solo, Cosplay, and Fetish videos ‪♡‬
- Free vid sent to rebilling subs monthly ‪♡‬
- 250+ premade vids ‪available to buy ♡‬
- Custom videos + cock ratings ‪♡
- PTV vids sent out ‪3x a week (Mon/Wed/Sat) ♡
- New video releases as well as throwbacks ‪♡‬

*General themes on my page include ‬submission, elf ears, begging, cosplay, slutty girlfriend experience, cat ears, spit, teasing, small boobs, thigh high socks, and general cuteness that also turns you on* (=^ ◡ ^=)

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